Join us at UK Girl GATHERING 2016

We want to support you as you invest, champion and equip girls and women to be risk-takers, change-makers and voices of hope.


We're planning a second UK Girl Gathering on Wednesday 11 October 2017, the UN's International Day of the Girl.

If you're a youth worker, church leader, charity worker and you're passionate about equipping girls,

we'd love you to be there.


The UK Girl Gathering is a unique event - it's not a conference but a collaborative space; an opportunity to share how you're raising hope among girls, hear from others and reflect on what we can do to work together

to see more lives transformed.


There will also be an equipping session, based on our UK Girl Manifesto, as we seek to work together

to raise hope for girls. 


We'd love to invite you to come and meet/dream/hope/create with us and other wonderful people. 

Together, let's continue the conversation on forming a collaborative approach to raising the volume of hope amongst this generation of girls across the UK.


More details to follow.